Originally from Santos, Brazil, music composer and sound engineer Flavio Medeiros has been in the Brazilian entertainment industry for over 20 years where he has won many awards and earned great prestige. Having relocated to the USA in 2013, Flavio was a part of Benchmark Sound as a composer, sound editor and sound designer. His goal is to contribute to the growth of companies that want to work with his talent and to establish partnerships in the US entertainment industry.

Areas of expertise include:

• Television, radio, stage (musicals), jingles, spots, CDs/albums, political campaigns, and other media outlets.

• Performed music and sound engineering services for major recording labels and video companies in Brazil and clients worldwide such as: original music and sound tracks for theatrical productions, voice overs, dubbing, Foley, and video post-production for documentaries and short films.

• Provided complete music production and expansion of international clientele, artists and political PR marketing.

• Host and teach professional seminars on maximizing utilities such as Pro Tools and Logic, as well as seminars on artistic dubbing techniques.

On this website you will find a variety of Flavio’s work and you will learn more about him.